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Welcome to Parkland Tree Service, your specialist in all tree care matters servicing first and foremost our Parkland community. But don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a job done in other nearby areas - we’re happy to consult you no matter where you are in the greater Tacoma and Seattle area.

Why choose us?

Licensed, bonded & insured. We are licensed, bonded and insured In full compliance with WA state law. You as the homeowner are protected from any liability at all times. In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, you don’t have to worry about any negative consequences or repercussions. It’s all on us and our insurance. But don’t worry - we train our crew on strict safety guidelines and we will do whatever it’s going to take to protect their health and your and your neighbors property at all times. ​

Great expertise and years of experience. All our arborists are currently ISA certified, which means they are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of arboriculture. Having been in the business for over 10 years we've seen in all and we've done it all. This means we're able to handle even the most difficult and tricky jobs with professional grace. And if necessary we will be able to consult the right specialists.​​

Wide range of services. We offer a wide range of services including tree removal, tree pruning,stump grinding, hedge trimming, crown raising, tree cabling and even healthcare services for your trees, which means we investigatethe current health of your trees and whether they need treatment because of disease or pest infestation.​


Best price safety & quality promise. Because we understand that most people are on a tight budget, we only offer our services at affordable, competitive rates. Be assured however, that we willnevercompromise on safety - and on quality only in accordance withyour wishes. You will alwaysget a maximum of safety with us - and if you don't request otherwise also a maximum of quality. And you will receive all of that at the best price possible.

That is our unique best price safety & qualitypromise. There will always be a cheaper option - keep in mind thoughthatthere'sthings you shouldnevercompromise on! Please take the expert's word on this and don't make a compromise on safety.

Here at Parkland Tree Service we truly care about providing the best service we can for you and your trees. That is why we train our staff regularly in the newest methods and best practices to be able to deliver the best service we can. Moreover all our machinery and the whole vehicle fleet gets controlled and inspected by our skilled technicians on a constant basis, so they meet our high safety and quality standards and we can work as efficiently and safely as possible, as well as deliver the best result for you that we can, holding testament to our promise.

24/7 Tree Emergency Line

Our customer support center is usually available 24/7 for emergency cases that need direct professional attention by trained and experienced technicians who can assess the situation quickly and immediately initialize the necessary actions to prevent further damage and havoc as well as restore safe conditions for all parties involved. We’ll take care of removal, landscape restoration and property damage repair all while making sure everybody is safe at all times. Do not take chances. Get rid of dangerous or hazardous trees in your yard. No matter the specific situation - whether a tree of yours has fallen onto your neighbor’s property, has damaged public property, or any other incident - we are here for you. More often than not tree removal is a tricky job that should be left to experts with the right equipment and pertinent experience.

We offer a wide range of services and are dedicated tree care experts

Here at Parkland Tree Service taking great care of your trees and your garden is our priority. With our many years of experience we know all there is to know about first class tree care. Go to our service pages to read more about the different services we are offering. If there's something you can't find on their, just ask us. Most likely we'll be able to help or refer you to the right specialist for the job.

Just like every human, every tree is unique. They all have their special shapes and forms, needs and wants. Being an arborist means being able to asses those exact needs and wants and take the correct actions to make sure those are being met, so that the nature in your garden and in our community can thrive and blossom.

Get in touch

Call us now at (253) 465-2767 and our experts will gladly answer all your questions about your specific trees and overall situation.
In most cases we can already give you a rough estimate while being on the phone, before we come and take a look at everything in your garden.

Alternatively you're also welcome to send us a message using our contact form.
In this case you can expect an answer within the next 12-24 hours. We will do whatever we can to send you a response and an estimate as soon as possible. If we can't assess the situation sufficiently based on your message we might call to get some more clarity.

  • When filling out the form, here are some suggestions on what to include:

  • type of service(just choose from the drop down menu)

  • your city or suburb (and address if you want)

  • the magnitude of the job (e.g. 3 mountain hemlocks, about 25 meters tall, trunk diameter about 1,2 meters)

  • how quickly you want us to complete the job

  • other pertinent details (e.g. hillside location, garden inaccessible for big machinery, etc.)

You will get a free estimate either way, but the more details you're able to provide, the more accurate it will be. Thanks in advance and we look forward to your message!

Safety first - what we do to protect people and property

As you can imagine, working in great heights above ground can be a risky job at times. At Parkland Tree Service we do everything we can to protect the health and safety of our workers and especially our clients safety. Therefore we ask our clients not to run around in the garden while we're cutting down branches or doing any other kind of potentially dangerous work. You might think that this is common sense, but we've seen it too many times that people underestimate the situation and pass underneath a tree, because they "just wanted to get the rake from the garden house".

That's exactly why we have strict safety measurements to prevent any accidents from happening that involve our clients or our workers. Of course an element of risk will always remain for our workers, that's part of the job. But we are doing everything we can to minimize it. Our measurements include but are not limited to:

  • makingsure all our arborists are trained in and aware of the most up to date safety regulations and guidelines

  • sending the right arboristsfor the job - we won't allow our trainee arborists to do risky jobs, they're being trained in a safe environment

  • adjusting to the weather and not working under conditions that decrease safety

  • proper inspection of trees before climbing them, especially with older trees

  • proper inspection of the environment in regards to power lines and never climbing close to them

  • wearing a helmet and safety harness suitable for the job at all times

This is just an excerpt of the measurements we take to ensure maximum safety. The most important thing is to keep in mind that all our arborists are being trained constantly in the pertinent fields of safety and according to the most recent standards in the field.

Beyond people's safety we are also concerned with keeping your property as well as the property of your neighbor and the public unharmed. That's why we meticulously plan where a tree needs to fall before we go to work and why we use different vehicles, machinery and equipment to safeguard your house, garage or carport. And while we will do everything we can to protect your property, we can guarantee you that - in the unlikely event that any of your or others property gets damaged - our insurance is going to cover the costs.

Knowing that your trees and your garden are in good hands you can relax and enjoy the result - whether that's your freshly pruned trees, more beautiful than ever - or a tidied up yard after a storm. Our aspiration with every job is to create the best, most beautiful outcome for our clients.

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