​Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming

A special service we offer is the pruning of your trees. Regular care of your trees is important to maintain their health.

For the layman, the signs are often not recognisable. These include, for example, incorrect growth, too dense growth or cracks.

If the tree grows too much in one direction, an imbalance can occur, which in the worst case can lead to the tree falling over during a storm.

Too dense growth, on the other hand, looks healthy but means that the lower part of the tree does not get sunlight and becomes rotten.

Cracks in the tree are a sign that at least parts of the tree are affected by a disease. Here, action must be taken quickly so that the disease does not infect other trees or shrubs.

In addition, dead or diseased branches quickly become a danger. They can come loose uncontrollably and cause damage to the house or, even worse, injure people.

Regular pruning prevents this. It promotes the growth and health of your trees.

In addition, regular pruning ensures that there is enough light in your garden. This prevents your lawn from becoming mossy and also protects your house from moisture.

In addition, if you do not prune your trees and shrubs regularly, there will soon be no more room for your flowering plants. They are literally deprived of breathing space. And excessive growth quickly makes your garden look unkempt.

It's a good thing that the Parkland Tree Service exists. We are happy to be there for you too. Make an appointment with one of our arborists today. He will examine your garden and its vegetation in detail. Based on the assessment, he will discuss with you which maintenance measures are necessary.

Do you have fruit trees? Pruning fruit trees is a special art. Here, so-called water shoots should be regularly cut away. This maintains the health of your fruit trees and guarantees rich harvests.

By the way, we are also qualified in topiary. Would you like to give trees or bushes a special shape?

No problem, contact us. We will work together to realise your wishes. You can rely on our decades of experience and highly trained craftsmen. We make your garden dreams come true!