Tree Removal - ​Let the professionals take care of it!

​Diseased or dead trees can quickly become a danger. Therefore, they must be felled professionally. Parkland Tree Service is well-equipped to do this. We have the qualified skilled workers and the right equipment. We have stood for quality and service in Parkland and the surrounding areas for decades.

It is definitely important to have an experienced arborist look at your trees and provide an expert assessment. This way, you are well informed about the health of your trees and impending damage from diseased or dead trees can be averted in time. Dead trees can, for example, endanger your property or that of your neighbors during a storm. If diseased trees are not removed in time, the disease will spread to the other trees and more trees will have to be removed.

Sometimes healthy trees also have to be felled, for example for a new building or if supply lines are endangered. Here, too, we are at your side.

Please never try to fell a tree yourself. This can quickly become more expensive than if you had hired a specialist company. Therefore, leave this task to the professionals at Parkland Tree Service.

And if you want to remove the tree stump at the same time, we have the right equipment for that. This way you have room for a new tree right away. So that your garden becomes even more beautiful and safer.